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The Chaos Tool Suite (ctools) is a series of tools that makes code readily available for developers and creates libraries for other modules to use. Modules that use ctools include Views and Panels.

End users will use ctools as underlying user interface libraries when operating Views and Panels modules and will not need to explore further (ctools is geared more toward developer usage). Developers will use the module differently and work more with the tools provided.

Developers looking for detailed documentation can install the Advanced Help module for further instruction.

Steps to Access Documentation through Advanced Help Module

  1. Install the Advanced Help Module
  2. In Drupal, enable the Advanced Help Module and Save the Configuration
  3. Once enabled, navigate to Administration > Advanced Help
  4. Click the Chaos tools link to view documentation

In-code documentation

Alternatively you can find in-code documentation in the include files at ctools/includes.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.