Hi Guys,

I've been having an issue after test migrating a site in that the custom sub-theme css does not appear to be loading, however, images are so the directory is being read and some styles are being applied.

I have used the following process to migrate the site:
1. Move entire drupal install directory to new server (local VM for testing the migration process)
2. Create new mysql DB and user (matching previous setup)
3. Removing /sites/default/settings.php
4. Completing fresh installation.
5. Using Backup + Restore module to restore the DB after installation.

This all works and the site content etc.. is all present. But no matter what I do I cannot get the theme to display correctly.

It also appears to be ignoring the 2 site folders I have under /sites and only using /sites/default (I think this may potentially be the underlying issue).

Removing the /sites/default/settings.php results in seeing the installation page again despite settings.php being present in the other folders. I've also tried to force the behaviour by creating a symbolic link - to no avail though.

As its a local environment I chmod -R 777 and chown -R apache:apache the entire druapl install directory to eliminate a permissions/ownership issue.

I've checked the styles and can't see anything wrong with any of the paths referenced.

I've made sure all the settings under the performance page are disabled.

I've rebuilt ALL the caches (including theme registry) - removed and re-installed my theme etc.... Switching themes to Barktik for example works - so this is definitely an issue with the theme/sub-theme.

All of which makes no difference.

I'm sure this is something simple, but so far I can't figure it out, so any help anyone could give would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,


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As mentioned on this node under "Style sheet inheritance" a subtheme needs to define at least one stylesheet from the basetheme.
Did you do that?

As far as I can judge there is nothing wrong with your migrations since switching to Bartik works just fine.

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Thanks for the reply - unfortunately this does not appear to be the issue. I did notice that editing the style definitions in the .info file had no effect - until I edit the same settings under /sites/default/themes/ (a previous attempt at resolving the issue). This doesn't fix the issue it purely tells me that only the /sites/default folder appears to be being read. This is also not a new theme, is simply a replica of the production site which is working fine, therefore I really can't see why it is failing.

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Out of the top of my head. Is the temporary folder location set correctly? (Does that folder exist and is it writable?)

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As far as I can see the /tmp folder exists, is writeable and is configured in Drupal in the correct location.

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I've checked the styles and can't see anything wrong with any of the paths referenced.

so turn off css aggregation, look at the path with has nothing wrong with it, paste it into a browser bar, and check the file displays. If it does not there is something wrong with the path, so go and check that the css file is the folder to which the path points. Is the file there or not? If it is not, then clearly there is something wrong withe the paths referenced?