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Img Package (abandoned) requires Drupal 6.0 or greater and also requires that Upload permissions are enabled for at least one User type. These are basic usage instructions with an overview of features.

The image package module allows users to easily attach images to content throughout a Drupal installation including forums, blogs, stories or any custom content type.

This module includes both basic and advanced image placement modes and supports thickbox, lightbox and lightbox2.

Additionally, the module allows for users to add comments to images in the form of a caption or 'file description' (e.g. replace 'img224.jpg' with 'my bicycle'). Links to attached images may be optionally displayed at the bottom of any node and multiple images may be attached to any node.

Global content control allows the user to control the size of thumbnails displayed by content type. To enable this feature, the user has two options:

1) Global Setting: go to admin/settings/img (admin/settings/img_comments for comments) and set a thumbnail size. You will not need to do anything else if you want all thumbnails across your site to look the same.

2) Content Type Settings: go to admin/content/types and then select any one or more content types (e.g. 'blog') and examine the options within the "Img module". You may set these for one or more content types, those ignored will simply inherit the global settings.

Note: if you change the size of your thumbnails globally or for a specific content type, they will be automatically regenerated BUT if you wish to ensure rapid change for all published nodes, simply navigate to files/img_thumbnails or files/img_comments_thumbnails and delete the caches manually (they will be automatically regenerated).

About Basic Mode and Advanced Mode: by default, this module will attach images to the top of a node (above the text) - this is the simple option and requires nothing but an 'attach file' experience (user browses local machine, attaches, is then done). Within the same 'file attachments' box on a node, a small drop-down box presents additional 'advanced' options.

Using advanced options. A user may elect to place multiple images within a post such that they do not appear lumped together at the top or bottom. Imagine for example a software review with screenshots - if there are three blocks of text and a screenshot for each paragraph, the author simply writes the post, attaches the three images and then - by looking at the order in which the images are listed (1 is top of list, 2 is next down etc) he may insert a tag after each paragraph of text in the simple format: [img:1] and that specific image will appear where the tag appears (below a paragraph etc).

Additional 'advanced' options include the ability to 'float' images to the right or left side of the screen, center images, place at the bottom of postings and so on. Currently the module does not support multiple tag syntax (e.g. you can not type [img:1 float:right])

Special thanks to zilla for this document page.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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Looks interesting but, sadly, abandonware

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Still works.

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This module/project is not maintained anymore & the module is not available for download.