I'm not sure if this issue is spill-over from #2069435: FlexSlider alpha2 breaks FlexSlider Fields integration, but it seems as if the Flexslider field formatter in views will not display a flexslider for a muti-value image field (screenshot of field settings attached). I have an older site running flexslider 7.x-2.0-alpha1+6-dev and these same settings successfully output a flexslider-formatted field (live example: http://rec.arizona.edu/galleries/challenge-program).

All modules on my sandbox site are up-to-date (as of this posting) and the Flexslider library version is 2.2. Flexslider modules enabled: FlexSlider, FlexSlider Fields, FlexSlider Views Style. Export of sandbox view is also attached. I marked this issue as major because the functionality existed in the past, but is gone/broken now.

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I wonder if the problem is similar to this one in the Gallery Formatter module.

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Have you confirmed that this problem is specifically with the field formatter in Views? IE does it work in other environments?

I'm struggling with something similar ATM, but I'm trying to be certain that it isn't just a misconfiguration somewhere.

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Love the Flexslider module - so many thanks for all the work on it.

I'm having the same issue with the display of multi-value image fields in Views (choosing Flexslider as the formatter) - the images appear one underneath each other rather than as a slideshow.

The Flexslider formatter on an individual content type under Manage Display fields seems to be working fine.

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I can confirm that multi-value image fields break the "flexslider" formatter in views. The div is empty nothing is returned.

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Any updates here? Trying to use flexslider formatter option on an image field in views and no images are printed. When I switch back to the image formatter I get all the images I am expecting. But of course, I'm preferring to use flexslider as this is also happening in a responsive grid. Any thoughts?

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I have the same problem. I love this module and wish I could figure out why this doesn't work.

UPDATE: If you check the "Use field template" box under the Image field Style Settings the slider works as it should for me using a multivalued Image field. Under "Multiple Field Settings" I have the "Display all values in the same row" box checked as well.

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Checking the field template box in the view settings unfortunately didn't seem to make a difference in my setup. I also tried customizing the teaser view mode with Display Suite (only showing the multiple image field) and displaying that in a view, but still no dice.

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I can confirm that #6 fixes the issue for me as well!

Thanks for sharing!

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I have the same problem, somebody can show me where is the "Use field template" with a photo because i can find it, please

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57.97 KB

#6 fixed it for me, too.

@Eduard24: Sorry, i can only provide a photo in german language (attached file "field-settings-german.png") …
Please try the following:
- Click on the Image-Field you want to change.
– On the settings-page there should be a collapsible frameset called "Style settings" (german: "Design Einstellungen")
– Make sure that "Use field template" (german: "Feldvorlage verwenden") is active.

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thank you so much tfranz. i was searching on "multiple field settings".

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The suggestion in #6 fixed this for me as well.

Is there some way we can enforce this or enable it by default for flexslider?

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Revisited this topic and tried #6 again and it worked. :)

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+1 for #6

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Thanks, #6 worked

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Status: Active » Needs work

Setting this to 'needs work' so that we can put together a patch that will enable this (see #6) by default on Flexslider displays and force it on. Unless anyone can see why that might not work?

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As a drupal novice... I cannot find the "Use field template" described by #10
I searched but failed to find it...

can someone give me a guide where to start -> from the Admin-Menu down to the required setting...
...or maybe there is something wrong with my installation ...?
..thought I have all dependent modules installed...

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rsacher1: To get there:
Structure > Views > 'Edit' the View that is displaying your slider
Under 'Fields' click on the image field that contains your image (Content: Image or similar)
In the popup expand 'Style settings'
You will see 'Use field template' there

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Status: Needs work » Needs review
521 bytes
None View

#1 is exactly right.
flexslider_fields_field_formatter_view() returns $elements in unexpected format, causing issues - for example theme_field is not being called for the flexslider field, and the views problem as well.

Here is the patch that should fix both problems

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Thanks a lot @MiroslavBanov! It just works now. :)

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Thanks for your solution.
#18 worked for me

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Status: Needs review » Fixed

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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#6 worked. Thanks

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#6 worked for me perfectly in drupal 8 Yay!