I have a problem where I made a moderator role that is supposed to be able to edit page nodes. I have a node created by the admin account that my other user with a moderator role cannot edit. If I create a new page node, with the admin account the moderator can edit the new one but the old one does not work. (No edit tab shows up.)

I have installed a variety of modules on this installation and disabled some. (This installation is over a year old.) I was thinking it was maybe nodeaccess module that was giving me trouble as that module was active when I did the test but it turns out that after disabling nodeaccess and using the uninstall routine, it still did not fix the problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find out what could be causing this access problem?


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a) try re-editing the node when logged in as admin and saving it again.
b) temporarily reassign the ownership of the node to a moderator by editing the node as admin.

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I have reedited the node several times and have reassigned it to two different accounts that have the flowing relevant permissions: enabled administer nodes, edit own page content, edit page content. I have also reassigned the node back to the admin role.

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Hi, I just wanted to mention that I already used the rebuild permissions command and this didn't seem to fix the problem.

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how many nodes are affected?

rebuild permissions - no bugs in that piece of code I hope ;-). Try and save the node again when logged in as admin - just to be sure.

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I figured out the problem. The page I was trying to edit had the "Full HTML" input filter. This filter was not enabled for my moderator role. Once I gave the moderator permission to access the input filter the edit tab appeared. This is way too confusing! Very surprised that drupal does not have any integration of this in the permissions section. I've voraciously been reading and learning about drupal for over a year now including reading the Pro Drupal development book and don't remember reading a warning about this.

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Thanks for figuring it out for me.

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Thank you for figuring this out! Surely there's got to be a way for Drupal to let you know this is the problem?!

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Hi deverman - I am a drupal newbie and I too had this problem - but with a small variation - my clients could only edit certain pages, and if even if they could edit the page, they might not be able to upload and display images using the FCKeditor and IMCE modules. After re-checking all the permissions, I still could not fix the problem, until I read your post - so thanks!