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This article is being written based on the Spark distribution.

Installation profiles are like modules

All installation profiles must have:

  2. profilename.profile

files, and they can also have a profilename.install file.

The profilename.profile file has access to almost everything a normal Drupal modulename.module file does because Drupal is fully bootstrapped before almost anything in the profile runs. Profile files should reside in their own directory within the /profiles directory to be loaded.

.info.yml file

The file should look similar to this:

name: Profile Name
type: profile
description: 'Description of your profile.'
core: 8.x

# Optional: Declare your installation profile as a distribution
# This will make the installer auto-select this installation profile.
# The distribution_name property is used in the installer and other places as
# a label for the software being installed.
  name: Distribution Name

# Required modules
  - node
  - history
  - block
  - breakpoint
  - color
  - config
  - comment
  - contextual
  - contact
  - custom_block
  - edit
  - help
  - image
  - menu
  - number
  - options
  - path
  - taxonomy
  - dblog
  - responsive_preview
  - search
  - shortcut
  - toolbar
  - overlay
  - field_ui
  - file
  - rdf
  - views
  - views_ui
  - editor
  - ckeditor

.install file

* @file
* Install, update and uninstall functions for the spark install profile.

* Implements hook_install().
* Perform actions to set up the site for this profile.
* @see system_install()
function spark_install() {
  // First, do everything in standard profile.
  include_once DRUPAL_ROOT . '/core/profiles/standard/standard.install';
  // Can add code in here to make nodes, terms, etc.

.profile file

* @file
* Enables modules and site configuration for a standard site installation.

// Add any custom code here like hook implementations.

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Berdir’s picture

st() no longer exists in Drupal 8, just use t().

I recommend using for creating default content in 8.x. But note that happens after hook_install(), so you can't refer to it there. I recommend to put it in a separate module that the install profile depends on.