We've been using the Amazon S3 for storage, and Zencoder for transcoding. With the latest release, it seems that a strange number is being put in the video file. I got this in the report:

Zencoder reports errors while converting test_mp4_1393614862.mp4:

Input media file url of input file is not well formed. Please confirm that it is a valid URL.

It should be noted that the original filename, when uploaded is just test.mp4.

The problem is Zencoder is looking for a file named test.mp4 and can't convert it because of the number in the filename. Any idea what's putting it in there?

The issue was fixed by reverting back to 7.x-1.0-beta7.

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I can confirm I saw the same thing and reverting to 7.x-1.0-beta7 fixed it for me as well.

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I experienced the same when updating the module to 7.x-1.0 and also solved it by reverting. However, it looks like the change in 7.x-1.0 solves a different problem https://drupal.org/node/1555086. So it is pick your poison time.

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I'm having the same issue, but reverting to the earlier version didn't help me. It uploads to s3 just fine with the original name (AlexBarron.mp4), but then the weird extra stuff is added and I get "Zencoder reports errors while converting AlexBarron_flash_1404915697.: ".

Thanks in advance for any help I can get.

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I have the exact same issue described by the original poster :(.

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The issue isn't the number being appended on to the end of the file name. It's caused by exactly what the error says "Input media file url of input file is not well formed.".

If you check your API request history in Zencoder, you'll probably see the request i.e. the attempt to upload a video, marked as 422 Unprocessable Entity. The request body will have something like:


But it needs to have "http:" in the URL like:


There's a small bug in AmazonS3StreamWrapper.inc. It's not adding "http:" to the front of the URL and that's what causes the problem. The attached patch will fix that.

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Hey Anthony,

I haven't tested out the patch above but I think that it should be altered to be protocol relative. The amazon s3 resource should be requested using https if the requestor is using https.

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My video uploads were working just fine. I'm not sure what changed, but now I'm back to this same problem.
reverting does not work
the patch does not work

I select and upload a video and get these messages:
Something went wrong with transcoding flame.avi. Please check your recent log entries for further debugging.
Status message: A Shared Video aws test 3 has been updated.

The video is uploaded to the Original folder in my AWS bucket
A folder for the converted video is created, but no video is added to the folder.

I am getting this message in the dblog:
Zencoder reports errors while converting flame_mp4_1416139484.mp4:
(the original file name is flame.avi)

And this message in the API History:
Query String
Response Body
Not Found

I've tried using the following versions to no avail:

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Here is an update on my situation. For some reason my Zencoder account stopped working. Yep, I paid the bills! lol Still have not gotten an answer from them. I was told by Heshan, maintainer of the video module, to create the account right from the Zencoder admin page in my site, so I recreated it. And it worked!

In my case, there was no notification history in the API logs and the API Request History was missing some info and very delayed in posting the info that did show up.

Also, I had some trouble with the video player working, but downloaded the latest and greatest video.js library and it worked!

Thanks so much to Heshan for being such a great help!!

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