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Invite is an invitation system that lets you and your site members invite more people to join the site. Invitations are important to encourage expansion of your network and to provide an exponential growth of community interest. This module provides an “Invite a Friend” feature that allows your users to send and track invitations.


Requires: Entity API, Chaos tools
Required by: Invite by e-mail, Invite Notifications

  • Configure at the modules page.
  • Set: Invitation expiry Set the expiry period for user invitations, in days.- default select up to 365 days.
  • Set: Path to the registration page for invited users.(ex default is user/register).
    Useful when using the Assign from Path option of Auto Assign Roles module.
  • Check box if invitees accounts that have been created with an invitation will require administrator approval.
  • Save configuration.
  • Setup Invite by e-mail and Invite Notifications at the modules Invite tabs.
  • Invite by selecting from admin menu STRUCTURE|INVITE TYPE -add label, sending method plugin(mail,notification).

You may update default values for Subject and Body for this certain content type on the fields edit page.
Invite by selecting from admin menu STRUCTURE|MANAGE FIELDS-add field-at field to share select type of invitation you desire.and then select type of - Form element to edit the data you desire.

  • Enable a block for invite on the ADMIN|STRUCTURE|BLOCKS.
  • Test and verify at the User menu.


The administrator can assign role permissions to send invites on the access control page (home/administration/people). The following permissions can be controlled:

  • Administer invitations
    Allows users to administrate all invitations. Warning: Give to
    trusted roles only; this permission has security implications.
  • Administer invite types
    Allows users to configure invite types and their fields. Warning: Give to trusted roles only;
    this permission has security implications.
  • Create any invites
    Allows users to create invites of any type.
  • View any invites
    Allows users to view invites. Warning: Give to trusted roles only; this permission has
    security implications.
  • Edit any invites
    Allows user to edit any invites. Warning: Give to trusted roles only; this permission has
    security implications.
  • Edit own invites
    Allows users to edit own invites.
  • Withdraw own invitations
    Allows users to withdraw their won invitations.
  • Withdraw own accepted invitations
    This will allow your users to edit their own invite.


General Settings

Can be set from Administration/People/Invite
Allows setting expiration period valid (in days). After an invitation expires the registration link becomes invalid.
Allows requesting administrator approval for invitees.
Allows use of the 'Auto Assign Roles' module to set roles for new invited users.

Role Settings

Can be set from People/Permissions/Role
Allows to specify an operations for a specific user such as status (active/Blocked) and roles.

E-Mail Settings

  • Subject
    The default subject of the invitation e-mail.
  • Editable subject
    Whether the user can customize the subject.
  • Mail template
    The e-mail body.
  • From e-mail address
    Choose whether to send the e-mail on behalf of the user or in the name of the
  • Reply-to e-mail address
    Choose whether to reply from the inviter’s name or from the site’s name.
  • Manually override From/Reply-To e-mail address (Advanced settings)
    Allows to override the sender and reply-to addresses used in all e-mails.
    Make sure the domain matches that of your SMTP server, or your e-mails will
    likely be marked as spam.


At any time, pending or expired invitations may be withdrawn. Accepted invitations may only be withdrawn if the configuration allows you to.

Invite also allows other modules to interact on certain events.:

  • User Relationships: Automatically create a relationship between inviting and invited user. See the User Relationship module.
  • Userpoints Credit some points to inviters for sending registrations and/or successful registrations. See the Userpoints Invite module.

Modules to extend Invite:

  • Contact Importer: let users import contacts from their address books from the invite form.
  • Request Invitation: Allows you to manage who has the privilege to sign up to your site. Require users who are interested in closed/semi-private sites to first request an invitation.


Contributing author:
Hector Cantres (jstars)

Contributing author:
Catherine Carr (catherinecarr)

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