theme_tablesort_indicator() renders an image via an img tag. It looks like we could just have a link with a class on it and add the icon via CSS instead?


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Title: Factor out theme_tablesort_indicator() » Factor out tablesort-indicator.html.twig()
Issue tags: +Twig, +theme system cleanup, +needs accessibility review

That sounds like a neat idea to me, as long as we can retain accessibility.

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Issue tags: +frontend
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Title: Factor out tablesort-indicator.html.twig() » Factor out tablesort-indicator.html.twig
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As long as there's a link to click on, we'll probably be fine.

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

Okay #1973418: Remove tablesort-indicator.html.twig, use CSS instead has more discussion (and actually is older), so closing in favour of that one.