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Fuse Media is the out of the box solution for managing digital assets. It supports both internal and external file types. It is designed to give organizations a easy way to manage all of their media assets. For more information, please see the project page


Quick installation using Drush (for advanced user)

  1. drush make [/path/to/html/root]
  2. cd /path/to/html/root
  3. drush site-install fuse --db-url=mysql://[user]:[password]@[:port]/fuse --site-name=Fuse --account-name=admin --account-pass=123456

This will install the site assuming the database is hosted locally with an admin account of password 123456

Load sample media (experimental, advanced users only)

During project installation, users will have the opportunity to import sample media in order to demonstrate the distribution.

If you have skipped this step during import, you can still use them once fuse has been installed.

Import videos from youtube

  1. logged in as administrative user (usually "admin" or user 1)
  2. Go to the path import, and click on the Sample Youtube Importer
  3. Enter an example youtube feed url such as:
  4. Please note that you can change the "CNN", into another youtube channel name
  5. Click import

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.