In a custom content type, I used the call <?php print fivestar_widget_form($node); ?> to call the default stars and rating form, however the description fivestar summary "Div" still shows up underneath the stars even when disabled in admin. Thanks and if anyone would like me to test a patch (if needed), state so here. Thanks!


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It's still there so if rollover text is enabled, it will still show up. It's true it probably shouldn't be displayed at all if neither rollover text nor summary text is enabled. What sort of problem does it cause?

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Good point on the rollover text, I also had the disabled. I guess no fix is really needed, a simple css override changing the height fixes this. Thanks Sketch

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Status: Active » Fixed

I added a small change to the default theming as part of that removes the summary div if empty. The extra div caused quite a bit of ugliness when displayed in a table view, so I took it out as part of that patch in the scenario that rollover text is disable and there is no summary text.

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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.