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YAGM isn't the do-it-all module, it doesn't build galleries and images on its own. Instead, it allows you to use famous modules like View, CCK, Relativity and Image cache to create powerful and flexible galleries and images.

YAGM allows per-user galleries and allows (by default) the creation of galleries that contain both galleries and images.


  • Make sure all dependencies are covered in your installation.
  • Then install *all* required modules before enabling YAGM.
  • Now enable YAGM.

You might be surprised by how tiny the settings page for YAGM, but this is one of its features.

For instance, if you want to show more or less fields in the gallery listing, you will visit views page in your admin area (if you have views UI enabled) then override YAGM's default view to add, change, sort, etc...

Another example of YAGM flexibility, if you do not want the default gallery hierarchy, you can simply visit your Relativity administration and fine-tune the relationship between a gallery to another, and a gallery to an image.

To report issues, please use the issue tracker in the module's page.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.