Release info

Created by: SebCorbin
Created on: August 29, 2013 - 16:34
Last updated: August 29, 2013 - 16:36
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-1.2:

  • #992260 by miro_dietiker: Added Deactivate l10n_client() in certain paths. Admin form moved to Configuration » Regional and language » Translate interface » Client
  • #1959098 by sammuell: Display a throbber (activity icon) to indicate async saving action.
  • Fix filtering not reshowing elements when hitting backspace
  • #872022 by Gábor Hojtsy: Highlight the target server for contributions.
  • #1720118 by SebCorbin, philipz: Hide the blue bar when translation client form is hidden.
  • #942240 by droplet: Page text don't show under D7 overlay.
  • #2045609 by s_leu: Add test for translation submission.
  • #1277752 by interX: Implement hook_field_extra_fields().
  • #2060181 by Pasqualle: Added html body class when localization client is active.
  • #2025013 by lsolesen, killua99: Added configure link to the modules page.
  • #862590 by seutje, droplet, Gábor Hojtsy: Cleanup and optimization on l10n_client().js.
  • #1929208 by hkirsman: Fixed broken html.
  • #1931790 by wangqizhong | DYdave: Move admin config form page to file.