This module helps you fix translations on your site as you see the issues. Just by navigating around your pages, you'll be able to fix translations and fill in missing ones using the on-page translation editor. At the same time, if configured properly, the module also submits your translations back to the community, to localize.drupal.org or any other localization server.

Related projects:

  • Localized Drupal, an install profile that will download translations automatically (and comes with Localization client and Localization update).
  • Localization update, which will help you automatically install and keep translations updated.


  • You can select text from the page and hit Ctrl+Shift+S to automatically search the string in l10n client

Video demonstrations


Known issues

The Drupal 7 version will not work well with the overlay for architectural reasons. Either use control-click to open admin pages in new tabs or disable the overlay while you translate the administration interface.


Currently sponsored in part by Acquia. Initial development was sponsored by Google Summer of Code 2007, user interface sponsored by Development Seed / Young Hahn.

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