I Can not get the instalation to work. I get the error message on the installation page Multibyte string input conversion in PHP is active and must be disabled. I am using a hostecellence as my hosting. I read thru some of the post and tried some of the fixes that were listed but nothing seems to work. I am a new to this so any help would be a great help.


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Same here

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I encounter this error with the upgrade to 6.11 when I run update.php

Multibyte string input conversion in PHP is active and must be disabled. Check the php.ini mbstring.http_input setting. Please refer to the PHP mbstring documentation for more information. (Currently using Unicode library Error)

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I know the thread is getting too old, but if someone hits this problem, I'll post a solution to this:

Drupal is asking you to enable the mbstring (multibyte string), but your default php settings has this option disabled. If you can change your php.ini file to enable this, then your problem will be fixed, but sometimes we don't have access to that file.

Instead, we can set drupal to enable this option only for this particular site. On your sites/default/settings.php file (or the respective copy you may be using), add this:

ini_set('mbstring.http_input', 'pass');
ini_set('mbstring.http_output', 'pass'); 

This will set the mbstring option for this particular drupal site. If this still fails, it may be possible that your server's php does not have mbstring installed at all. Run phpinfo() in your browser and search for a mbstring section. If you don't find it at all, then you need to install it or ask a server administrator to do it for you.


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Hello Franravi
I know this is an old post... but i could no find this topic elsewhere.
I am very new to all this.
I encounter the same error in my status report. I understand your answer, but i have a question... once i open the text file to add what you said:
ini_set('mbstring.http_input', 'pass');
ini_set('mbstring.http_output', 'pass');

Should i add it anywhere?