Mirroring #2066783: Remove quicksketch from MAINTAINERS.txt, I need to recuse myself from core system or module that I either no longer understand (Path system), or have time to maintain (contact.module, path.module) given that maintaining a core module is shifting away from being a hobby to a responsibility, and I can no longer make that commitment.

I do however still have interested in being a maintainer of the Token system, and that's probably the only thing I'll have the time to work on.

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Will continue to work in contrib, and have even starting porting modules to Drupal 8, but the majority of my daily work is in Drupal 7 and will probably continue to be for a while.

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I do hope to get involved again in Drupal 9 with file and media handling, if I'm not burnt out on that in a year or so.

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Thanks for being realistic about what you can take on, Dave, and thanks so much for all of your service over the years! Keep the feedback coming in about D8 APIs as you port your modules to D8. There's definitely still time to fix a lot of those things.

Committed and pushed to 8.x.

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Thanks for all your hard work Dave, it is immensely appreciated.

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This is a shock. Thanks so much for all your work in the past and for what you'll be able to still do in the future.

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Thank you for all the work and I'm happy to hear you're considering working on media in Drupal 9!

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