Really great work on the nivo slider for drupal 8! Any chance of releasing Nivo Slider Views for D8 too?


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Title: Drupal 8 Views - Nivo Slider Slideshow release? » Drupal 8 version for Views Nivo Slider

1 - You can upload patch against latest 7.x-3.x-dev here and Drupal 8 version done )))

2 - Yes, Drupal 8 version is in planning stage. If You want participate - go to point 1 )

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Been over a year since last post here. Just wanted to see if there is any more going on here with #2 or if I need to go to #1? I will need a slider for a D8 site I'm building right now and this one looks the most promising so far. Will this module/slider only work with images or can you slide text or other fields as well?

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Hello @deggertsen

It can slide fields. Good night

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Can I hep into Development, if yes than please let me know how to?