Nivo Slider is the Most Awesome jQuery Image Slider out integrated with Views and Imagecache.

D8 version

#2054795: Drupal 8 version for Views Nivo Slider


NOTE: Current active branch is 7.x-3.x. 7.x-2.x is deprecated, you will need to download the Nivo Slider jQuery plugin manually for 7.x-3.x

1) Install and enable the module, together with Views and Libraries API
2) Download the Nivo Slider jquery plugin, supported versions are 2.7.x and 3.x, extract it under sites/all/libraries/nivo-slider

2.7.x or 3.x?
- 2.7.x is recommended over 3.x, as 3.x does not work under Chrome (see issue)
- 2.7.x has 3 themes included, this has been removed in 3.x due to responsive design

To use
1) Create/Edit a view, it only needs 3 fields - a Title, an Image and a Link field, Image field image style is ignored, use the Format to configure it
2) Select Views Nivo Slider for both Format and Show
3) Under Format's Settings, select the correct version you downloaded earlier


1) Create/Edit a view, make your filters and add a Title, an Image and a Link field... Any other field will be ignored.
2) Choose Views Nivo Slider as Row Style and select Title, Image and Link fields. Title and Link are optionals or if empty, will not be showed.
3) Go to Style and select Views Nivo Slider and configure as you like.

If you still needing more info, read this issue (by mcdazz) or this detailed document (by Ciril Tharayil)

Ciril has made a great and helpful screencast teaching how to install and setup this module.

Supported Version
- Nivo Slider 1.9 (1.3)
- Nivo Slider 2.0 (2.0)

Jquery Update >= 6.x-2 (still alpha and in some very special conditions can cause some javascript error... in most cases work properly)
ImageField (require FileField)
ImageCache >= 6.x-2


- Initially developed by pedrofaria
- Current D6 maintainer: NONE
- Current D7 maintainer: podarok

Supporting organizations: 
Development, Support, PM
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Development, Support, PM

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