To reproduce: create a panel with the 25/50/25 stacked layout, and put content in the Middle or Right regions, leaving the left one blank. When the first column has no content in it at all, it collapses, shifting everything to the left.

This looks like a typo in threecol_25_50_25_stacked.css. .panel-col-first .inside is never declared, and .panel-col .inside is declared twice.

#1 collapsing_left-2029297-1.patch509 bytescoleman.sean.c
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Patch attached.

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The patch still applies. It did say, "warning: 1 line adds whitespace errors." but I can't see what it's talking about. I don't see any space that shouldn't be there. The patch works to fix the problem.

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Thanks, easy fix. Committed.

  • japerry committed 1329a38 on 7.x-3.x
    'Issue #2029297 by coleman.sean.c: Margins not applied in 25/50/25...

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