The MarkItUp editor JS in the WYSIWYG module doesn't allow for icons provided by a custom module.

Steps to reproduce

Attempt to use the WYSIWYG MarkItUp BBCode module I've put into a sandbox. The YouTube button will not render, even though it's properly providing the icon path and file per the WYSIWYG API.

Proposed solution

Alter the markitup.js file that is included with WYSIWYG module to respect icon paths and files. Patch incoming.


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Patch attached.

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Status: Active » Needs review
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I created a patch here that will allow someone to create their own icon sets by using hook_wysiwyg_editor_settings_alter. It would be great if someone could help review it.

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Sorry duplicate post.

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This patch is based off of the patch in comment 32 of #397994: markItUp Markdown editor integration. It adds an info hook and a configuration form for adding iconsets. You can find an example module here:

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Re-rolled patch against the latest related patch in #397994-34: markItUp Markdown editor integration.