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SA-CONTRIB-2014-021 - Maestro - Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

Improved module name so that it was clear that it's a maestro related module
Add index on instance_name to install function
Fix for update 7003 - used wrong index type
Fix for breadcrumb issue #1876390
fixed a couple description or title typos
Fix for missing ajax return status that was triggering an AJAX failure with the latest jQuery
Added install update for new instance field in the project_content table
Issue #1817704 by sukr_s - If condition not working with < and > operators
Issue #1994182 by sukr_s - Increased notification message size
Issue #1909534 by sukr_s - OG notification support
Added support for Organic Groups v2
Adding support for multiple content instances of same entity
Improved help messages for review_contentType interactive function and added a new viewContentType interactive function
Changed name of test interactive task to maestro_placeholder and moved test batch function to the the maestro_common module
Tweaked help text for reviewContentType task
Code cleanup on ctools modal view content feature and disabled contextual_links in modal view of the node
Cleaned up setProcessVariable edit task display and added 'description' attribute for set methods
Tweaks to the ctools dialog formatting. Added a new feature to display the node in the project detail in a ctools modal window
Moved the orchestrator access callback function to be near orchestrator function and added comment
Fixed the field serialized for the form api example task.
removed extra testing theme element.
This should be a fix for the missing form element in the tech support request task.
Update to readme for addition of url token. Update to the technical support flow to have the form definition re-added. Import routine ignoring the form elements still.
Adding a token to the orchestrator link.
Tweaks to improve the error logging and task help text
Comment cleanup and slight code cleanup
Cleaned up comments in the Edit Task form
Refactored the inline_form task type and moved class functions to separate files.
Added a new interactive function to show the value of a process or task variable
Clarify that actions are only for views bulk operations
Fix for preventing process variable > 255 characters - current limit
Fix for translating output message and filter for role.
Fix for views error - getTables() on a non-object, issue: #1242674
Added security changes to address missing token test for newprocess action and added access test for testengine

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Last updated: June 6, 2013 - 13:05
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