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In Drupal 7 it was possible to specify separate block templates per region, such as block--header.tpl.php and block--footer.php to output different HTML for blocks placed in the header and footer regions. It was also possible to adjust variables based on region in hook_preprocess_block(). Both of these features have been removed.

It is suggested you use standard CSS cascading selectors to style blocks differently on different parts of the page.

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If I use CSS to hide #sidebar, in whatever theme, a wide blank block is created instead; The sidebar region keeps staying, but just as an empty and blank "box".

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I don't know if you found the answer already but maybe try this in your page.html.twig:

<div class="someClass">
    <div class="row">
        {% if page.sidebar %}
            <div class="col-12">
               {{ page.sidebar}}
        {% endif %}

Maybe add an if statement and hide the sidebar using a preprocess function.