(using drupal 7.22 - ckeditor (stands alone) 7.x-1.13 (with ckfinder)
i do not know if it is really a "bug" or a request for support or whatever?

i tried out video-filter - now, it runs without any "notices" or other (needs one patch Strict Warning Message).

But .. in this case, i am using one of my own themes i am testing on or "developing" (in a backuped backup ;) ).

So But: For "Administration" i was taking the "rubik" theme / overlay. Works till i install the Modul video_filter. Ok, works as far as "all is working" -- but there will come several notices when editing some content, a node, clicking on button, insert a video via outpopped window and click on "insert". the modul works, but there a several notices about the administration theme activated (rubik).

disable the admin-theme "rubik" / change to "use default theme" (my theme) and do not use other available themes (not working, notices) and not using "Use the administration theme when editing or creating content" --> no notices.

After editing or after a click on "save" after inserting a video-link via button
the notices are:

    Notice: Undefined variable: classes in include() (Zeile 3 von (...)sites\all\themes\rubik\templates\object.tpl.php).
    Notice: Undefined variable: attributes in include() (Zeile 3 von (...)sites\all\themes\rubik\templates\object.tpl.php).
    Notice: Undefined variable: layout in include() (Zeile 4 von (...)sites\all\themes\rubik\templates\object.tpl.php).
    Notice: Undefined variable: layout in include() (Zeile 18 von (...)sites\all\themes\rubik\templates\object.tpl.php).
    Notice: Undefined variable: layout in include() (Zeile 22 von (...)sites\all\themes\rubik\templates\object.tpl.php).
    Notice: Undefined variable: layout in include() (Zeile 43 von (...)sites\all\themes\rubik\templates\object.tpl.php).

and object.tpl.php of the rubik:

1 <?php if (!empty($pre_object)) print render($pre_object) ?>
3 <div class='<?php print $classes ?> clearfix' <?php print ($attributes) ?>>
4  <?php if ($layout && (!empty($submitted) || !empty($links))): ?>
5    <div class='column-side'><div class='column-wrapper'>
6  <?php endif; ?>
8  <?php if (!empty($submitted)): ?>
9   <div class='<?php print $hook ?>-submitted clearfix'><?php print $submitted ?></div>
10  <?php endif; ?>
12 <?php if (!empty($links)): ?>
13    <div class='<?php print $hook ?>-links clearfix'>
14      <?php print render($links) ?>
15    </div>
16  <?php endif; ?>
18  <?php if ($layout && (!empty($submitted) || !empty($links))): ?>
19    </div></div>
20  <?php endif; ?>
22  <?php if ($layout): ?>
23    <div class='column-main'><div class='column-wrapper'>
24  <?php endif; ?>
26  <?php if (!empty($title_prefix)) print render($title_prefix); ?>
28  <?php if (!empty($title)): ?>
29    <h2 <?php if (!empty($title_attributes)) print $title_attributes ?>>
30      <?php if (!empty($new)): ?><span class='new'><?php print $new ?></span><?php endif; ?>
31      <?php print $title ?>
32    </h2>
33  <?php endif; ?>
35  <?php if (!empty($title_suffix)) print render($title_suffix); ?>
37  <?php if (!empty($content)): ?>
38    <div class='<?php print $hook ?>-content clearfix <?php if (!empty($is_prose)) print 'prose' ?>'>
39      <?php print render($content) ?>
40    </div>
41  <?php endif; ?>
43  <?php if ($layout): ?>
44  </div></div>
45  <?php endif; ?>
46  </div>
48  <?php if (!empty($post_object)) print render($post_object) ?>

So - where to find or to change that after inserting a video-link and hitting save-button my system knows about my used admin theme, in this case rubik (or any other available admin theme, only using "default theme" for all admin operations will wokrs without these notices. i am more designing / layouting / modelling than programming something..)

may .. is there anybody outthere can understand what mentioned or help?


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(edit ot change one word in text)

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Using CKEditor Version

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pressing save button (content, node) after using "insert video" with video filter,
in "includes/theme.inc" line 1505

include DRUPAL_ROOT . '/' . $template_file;

calling the used for editing template?

of funtction

function theme_render_template($template_file, $variables) {
  // Extract the variables to a local namespace
  extract($variables, EXTR_SKIP);

  // Start output buffering

  // Include the template file
  include DRUPAL_ROOT . '/' . $template_file;

  // End buffering and return its contents
  return ob_get_clean();

i temporarily renamed the rubik file to see this:

Warning: include(): Failed opening '(....)sites/all/themes/rubik/templates/object.tpl.php' for inclusion (include_path='.;(...)xampp\php\PEAR') in theme_render_template() (Zeile 1505 von (....)includes\theme.inc).

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I have to deal to NOT "Use the administration theme when editing or creating content" and using the site-theme for administration.

it´s a site with only one user - me - and i´d like to use not my theme for administration. other administration themes: notices appears after editing with inserting a video with modul.

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(deleting 3 words in text)

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Since there was no activity in this issue queue since 2013 I assume this is outdated and can be closed. Feel free to re-open is still relevant.