It would be nice if we could configure other options on the formatter such as the scrollWheelZoom. I will work on a patch.


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Here is the patch. It just adds a checkbox to disable the scrollWheelZoom.

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Tested and worked great but re-rolled to reverse the logic of the setting.

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Removed a dpm() statement.

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Patch in #3 worked for me.

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I created a new patch which adds the ability to disable the scrollWheelZoom in views as well.

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Trying the patch in #5 failed

patching file leaflet_views/
Hunk #1 FAILED at 33.
Hunk #2 FAILED at 154.
Hunk #3 FAILED at 365.

Has someone else applied the patch in #5 successfully?

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the patch at: gives the ability to set all map options, including scrollWhelZoom.

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Marking duplicate: if we are going to add this option we'll add the rest of the config options as in #2089209. Thanks for the patch though!

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I am opening this issue back up because of I have re-created the patch to apply against the latest dev version.

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The functionality in #9 works as advertised. I did run into the issue identified in #2185767: Leaflet field formatter errors when trying to edit geocoded field in view or panel which is a separate issue and had to comment out #empty_options so I could test the patch.

I've modified only the #description to standardize it with the language used in the Leaflet API regarding the scroll wheel.

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Patch in #10 works for me. I also had to comment out #empty_options to test leaflet_views