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The Search API Solr search module provides a backend for the Search API which uses the popular Apache Solr search engine for storing and searching data. This handbook section documents its features, how to set it up and some advanced functionality.

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I installed the Solr server, the search api solr search module and it's dependencies and copied the config files to Solr but when i go to search settings, i can't find Solr search server to make it the default.
Why is that?

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If you need help with this module, please use the issue queue instead of asking here.

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Could you please help me by providing some search tips? ie, what should be the exact instructions to be given to the users who are accessing this search?
For eg: type two words in a "" to exactly match the word.

Does OR works ?


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Using facets and views exposed filters are great ways of guiding users into finding what they are looking for.