When an image file is selected in the browser window, an inch or two of the image is shown in the bottom pane with a vertical scroll bar. If you expand the window, the horizontal dividing bar moves up and the vertical scroll bar shrinks so you can hardly see the preview of the image.

Has anyone else found this? Is there an obvious way I can get it to properly fill the window, whatever size I resize it to, and to get the dividing bar across the middle working when image selected and being previewed?

Maybe a css conflict or something if nobody else got this problem - any suggestions welcome. :)



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Probably a css issue

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I am having a similar issue, I cannot resize any of the drag bars in the image dialog window, and none of the sorting works either.

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We are in 7.x 1.9 and this is still happening. It seems from looking at this thread and the gaps in time that this is a fairly small population of sites having the issue, but I DO think it is a bug nonetheless. We are looking for a module cross-talk problem, something that would likely interfere with the Javascript for the window gadgets. CSS itself is probably NOT the problem, because these programmatic element styles override the sheets...even the sheet provided by IMCE itself. Will get back here in a bit...once we can trace this to which part of the JS (if that guess is right)...

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OK...it IS CSS...I was wrong. It's tricky because it is a property that isn't set at all in the IMCE sheets OR the JS! It is the Min-height property being set on the body as described in this thread: