The IMCE on my site behaves strange. I think it is a IMCE problem, although it is used from TinyMCE.
1. When resizing the IMCE dialog window, the area where files are displayed shrinks automatically.
2. It is sometimes not possible to drag the dotted bar delimiting the file area

Those behaviours are presented here:

I would expect that the file area remains proportional to the size of the IMCE window while resizing it.


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It was a problem with CSS. The problematic css rule was body {min-height: 100%} (it came from the theme)

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Thanks, this helped me.

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This helped me as well, but for me it was

min-height: 1000px;

which I sometimes set during theme development when there's no content to get a more realistic view of the page structure.

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I needed to keep the min-height on the body, but added this to my CSS which fixed the issue: