I'm trying hard to figure out how to use this module, but documentation is practically non-existent.
I tried to add text formats but I don't get any possibility to add it anywhere in a page (sidebar etc.)

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have you read README.txt? You can find how you install this module as well but you're right, there is no INSTALLATION.txt or something like this so I'll create one and better documentation.

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INSTALL.txt instructructs the following:

4. Enter your MediaWiki API file URL, e.g. http://mediawiki.org/w/api.php

For me this does not work. If I select the newly created MediaWiki input format, the node renders empty. Totally empty, not text and no formating.

So please document what has to be done to use this module.

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I've installed the D7 branch of this module to check out whether it is in any way incompatible with the freelinking module.

However, I am stuck at step for of INSTALL.txt, which says:

4. Enter your MediaWiki API file URL, e.g. http://mediawiki.org/w/api.php

Where do I enter it?

There seems to be no configuration page for the D7 branch, so it is far from obvious how one does this.

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When you have created your new input format, e.g. "MediaWiki", you will find this setting at ./admin/config/content/formats/mediawiki. See screenshot.

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Thanks for the head's up. Do not make any difference regarding the incompatibility between this module and the freelinking module.