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The MediaWiki API module

This module provides an input filter which allows the conversion of content marked up using MediaWiki syntax to html for display on your drupal site, by using the "parse" feature of the MediaWiki API.

Using this module has some advantages

  1. There is no tight coupling with the MediaWiki codebase, all re-use of MediaWiki code is done via the API.
  2. Notwithstanding any major changes to the MediaWiki API it should be easy to use this module with future releases of MediaWiki and therefore the latest MediaWiki syntax
  3. You get to use the full MediaWiki syntax, including any install extensions

See also

API reference:
MediaWiki Syntax reference:
MediaWiki extensions:

Seeking co-maintainer(s)

Due to a lot of other activities I'm looking for co-maintainer(s) in order to this module gets stable. Contact me if you are interested!

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