Hello, I'd like to ask if it is possible to return to the first slide when the mouse isn't hovering the slideshow.
I have turned off the automatic cycle and created a pager. So now I can navigate through the Slideshow by hovering over the pager items. But I want the slideshow to return to the first slide when I am pointing at none of the items.
Thanks for any help


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Hey ksaen

I came across the same problem: if my mouse is not on the slideshow container, I wanted to show the first slide.
I solved this with jQuery:
$("#your-slideshow-container-div").mouseout(function() {
Drupal.viewsSlideshow.action({ "action": 'goToSlide', "slideshowID": 'carousel_content_type-block', "slideNum": 0 });

Hope this helps someone.
If there is a easier way, please tell me.

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That's an ideal method of solving that. Don't want to add it to the module (adding everything can cause bloat) but good little snippet to add to your page.