It would be great if I could place these exactly as I want them within a mini-panel, where I can then place the mini-panel in a page and make it a popup on title hover. I've noticed that some of these widgets will slightly overlap each other when one is under another due to line wrapping in a short width space. I took a look at the Display Suite Displays module but since I can't put a smaller layout within a larger layout it doesn't do much good and I can't image it helping others that much either when keeping in mind that adaptive/reponsive DS layouts are not customizable (AdaptiveTheme provides some but no adap./resp. builder).

It may be better to simply have this module allow the creation of unlimited blocks. Then have a set of on/off checkboxes for each service or just use a DS layout and make them hidden if you don't want to use them, but I think selecting what should be in the form would be better than having extra, unused code for others you'll never use. Then these mini-panel embedded blocks could be place within the blocks admin interface or used in panels.

Making a wish....!


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Multiple configuration was planned for the third version (#1353802: Service Links 3.x plan) because it needs a deep rewrite. The choice of unlimited checkbox in the same way of SDS could give problems in the table width and plus doesn't allow to reorder the links for a specific group... without consider that every widget could have its own settings (button layout, label...). Btw i don't know if i will ever start it, so probably i will end up with something like that.