Download feeds-7.x-2.0-alpha8.tar.gztar.gz 780.73 KB
MD5: 8fc409835dbd5f5a0c5325b2f0ace1d8
SHA-1: 20dec04c1abd8770fe227b3d97fc0bd7b6a196e2
SHA-256: 88d3d3533e1b5e9ef828e9b9f7a3e5075dff6dd5d15b17d2933b9d67b3c43885
Download feeds-7.x-2.0-alpha8.zipzip 834.13 KB
MD5: 5d96a8f3233fc92fbab4c0e74e01a916
SHA-1: b8f6115835dc056844ab3c076fc54496a42dbeaa
SHA-256: f3952ca6b5ba6b37b13b9c859b1d6981ead52c52f7660a36e871a8b484173db0
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/feeds:^2.0'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: twistor
Created on: 22 Apr 2013 at 23:01 UTC
Last updated: 17 Jun 2015 at 15:26 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

  • Issue #1555974 by twistor | andyg5000: Fixed Save button should also add field mapping; Add button should also save config changes.
  • Allow 0 as a term name.
  • Issue #630288 by kulfi: Added import date compatibility issues with Google Groups' feeds.
  • Issue #1878254 by facine: Fixed SimplePie download page url.
  • Issue #1166100 by twistor | Niklas Fiekas: Fixed Notices and warnings on mapping page, when no content type is selected for NodeProcessor.
  • Issue #1941302 by jshimota01: Fixed Radio buttons hidden in IE 7.
  • Fix formatting of feeds_ui.css
  • Issue #1362378 by gordon, colan, Sutharsan, MegaChriz | mukesh.agarwal17: Added is_new addtribute to feeds_item.
  • Fixed: missing comma.
  • Issue #1961998 by gordon: Added new hook hook_feeds_before_update().
  • Issue #1025468 by 30equals: Added Allow operations to be performed on disabled Importers.
  • Issue #1953008 by MegaChriz | carn1x: Fixed PHP Fatal error: Nesting level too deep - recursive dependency? in on line 199.
  • git commit -m Issue
  • Fix capitalization of Feeds on Importer import page.
  • Issue #777888 by WorldFallz, liquidcms, firfin | timwood: Added UI to import views-style exportable (a.k.a. How to import importers?).
  • Issue #697842 by eiriksm, franz, Webmaster Perpignan: Added Support array of values for dates.
  • Tests for #1019688.
  • Issue #1019688 by johnv, philipz, twistor, sin, ts145nera, David Hern√°ndez: Fixed Taxonomy mapper options: term name +tid, term name, tid, guid (avoids mapping error for Numeric taxonomy term, too).
  • Issue #1958864 by DamienMcKenna: Fixed 'Division by zero' error in feeds_update_7208.
  • Issue #1147734 by philipnorton42, znerol, David_Rothstein, twistor | johnv: Added Import files in public://feeds/ vs. private://feeds/.
  • Issue #857216 by yareckon, wuinfo: behavior on importing empty/NULL/invalid dates.
  • Fix coding standards.
  • Ensure that headers is always set.
  • Fix uid validation for Node processor.
  • Issue #1201638 by rfay: Fixed Plugins should be listed in info file.
  • Issue #1848726 by ojohansson, twistor: Fixed Hash check fails when running multiple importers on cron.
  • Issue #1620110 by Cottser, JvE | Alan D.: Fixed Update default views fixes 'Missing text format: 1.' in watchdog.
  • Issue #1156982 by dooug, dotman: Fixed SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1366 Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'last_comment_uid()' at row 1.
  • Issue #1660950 by valthebald: Fixed FeedsSource expects stored to be array, which is not always the case.
  • Use bundle() method.
  • Use plugin key rather than class name.
  • Issue #1300940 by colin_young: Fixed Undefined Index: unique in
  • Issue #1874322: Remove PHP version check from Common Syndication Parser.
  • Issue #1870528 by cmriley: Fixed Undefined index: content_type() in feeds_rules_event_info() (line 56 feeds/
  • Issue #1711648 Upgrade path.
  • Issue #1711648 by twistor: Fixes for tests.
  • Issue #1711648 by twistor: Abstract bundle handling.
  • Issue #1827780 by pfrenssen: Type hinting missing from hook_feeds_parser_sources_alter() callback example.
  • Issue #1825016 by David_Rothstein: Make it easier for the FeedsCSVParser source form to be altered.
  • Issue #1744570 by Staratel: Added Invoke Before import event before start import.
  • Move static method to member method.
  • Issue #1843146 by twistor: Add pluginType() method to be able to determine the plugin type without having to lookup the inheritance.
  • Always set is_new on node create rather than node_save().
  • Re-fix replace existing behavior.
  • Fix replace existing behavior.
  • Issue #1165506 by Mile23 | 7wonders: Added pipe delimiter to csv parser.
  • Use user_delete_multiple()
  • Issue #1835106 by twistor: Make entity loading generic.
  • Issue #1480902 by Staratel | faunt: Added Are there timeouts on Feed importers?.
  • Issue #912682 by alex_b, snyderp, dman | dwhogg: Added CSV Parser: Support Mac-style line endings.
  • Issue #1817992 by OnkelTem: Fixed Notice: Undefined property: stdClass:: in feeds_tokens()


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