Download drush-7.x-5.9.tar.gztar.gz 405.17 KB
MD5: 70feb5cb95e7995c58cbf709a6d01312
SHA-1: 12533dbc7a18f1fef79a1853a8fdb88171f4fed8
SHA-256: 3acc2a2491fef987c17e85122f7d3cd0bc99cefd1bc70891ec3a1c4fd51dccee
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MD5: 3846634ad2603e8147ea720d1fdbe976
SHA-1: adcb9df8d6572094389168c9e9c6d6fe9898d5ce
SHA-256: 21e3c9cde4d2d39a71a74bfbafd444314bfed73fbba6ef213c8d79bf341730dc
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/drush:^5.9'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: jonhattan
Created on: 17 Apr 2013 at 20:42 UTC
Last updated: 17 Apr 2013 at 20:45 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

  • #1957020 by JSCSJSCS, greg.1.anderson: drush sql-sync with --create-db does not work and can overwrite MySQL default databases
  • #1787452 by danylevskyi: drush_delete_dir() doesn't delete symlinked files by default.
  • #1914470 by Danylo Dragan: drush command pm-download doesn't preserve file modification time of project files
  • #1528976 by Ankabout | moshe weitzman | jonhattan: Fixed Multiple drush users on the same system.
  • #1954552 by greg.1.anderson: Improve the error message when a specific cache type is selected for the cache-clear command when there is no bootstrapped Drupal site.
  • #1110486 by JSCSJSCS, greg.1.anderson: Fix options defined in config files without values for "strict options" commands (e.g. "--delete" option to rsync)
  • #1948584 by greg.1.anderson: fix bug introduced by #1939982, that breaks drush on MinGW and some non-bash shells
  • Bash aliases are commented out by default.
  • #1946408 by Dean Reilly: Fixed Don't manually include early.
  • #1942280 by moshe weitzman: Remove example bash aliases generated from Drush site aliases.
  • #1757236 by greg.1.anderson: Use universal syntax in example shell aliases
  • #1939982 by ghoti: drush launcher reports `php-cli: not found` by default
  • #1488650 by andyg5000. Document how to disable email during site-install.
  • #1919822 by andrewmacpherson: remove cvscredentials example from example.drushrc.php
  • #1934120 by greg.1.anderson: Fix typo: update-advanced should be update_advanced.
  • #1839924: Backported --core / --no-core option fix for pm-list from 8.x-6.x.
  • #1917738: Backport drush_get_editor from 8.x-6.x.
  • #1829418 by greg.1.anderson, Steven Jones: Drush invoke process can't handle large packets of data
  • Fix gitd bash function
  • Fix typo that broke merged aliases
  • #1916356 by greg.1.anderson, jonhattan | hass: Fixed Why does Google Analytics not show it's human name?.
  • #1916356: Why does Google Analytics not show it's human name? - Added docstrings with an explanation.
  • Revert "Issue #1916356 by greg.1.anderson: Why does Google Analytics not show it's human name?"
  • #1916356 by greg.1.anderson: Why does Google Analytics not show it's human name?
  • #1899598 by DanChadwick: Windows 7 "mode is not a recogzined command"
  • #1881380 by jhedstrom | lotyrin: Fixed .info rewriting broken for modules without a release.
  • #1881378 by jhedstrom | lotyrin: Fixed .info rewriting happens for private modules.
  • #1875510: Fixed Drush Make does not remove .git directories for core and libraries.
  • #1880678 by jhedstrom | greg.1.anderson: Fixed drush make mis-calls drush_set_error() on just about every call.
  • #1888508 by TravisCarden: Improve code docs for drush_confirm()
  • #1892280 by andrewmacpherson: Added Use 24-hour time format in archive-dump and sql-dump filenames.
  • #1885572 by TravisCarden: Improve code docs for drush_invoke()
  • #1895668 by Kevin Hankens: Allow --structure-tables-list and --skip-tables-list in sql-sync command without --strict=0
  • Allow unknown options with help command. You can now append -h on any drush invocation and see the help for the command.
  • #1884670 by hansfn: Fixed Generated makefile doesn't preserve core version.
  • #1882426 by greg.1.anderson: Honor an environment variable for location of drush.ini (backported)
  • #1882384 by andrewmacpherson: Fixed typo in example aliases.
  • #1276872 by jgraham, mrfelton, Steven Jones, patcon: Fixed GIT_WORK_TREE=. fails to apply patch in install profile when using --working-copy.
  • #1827954 by douggreen | NITEMAN: Fixed Sanitize-email update users.init column.
  • #1277484 by helmo, vinmassaro, jonhattan: Added --no-core option for archive-dump.
  • #1844224 by hansfn: Improved support for MSYS/MinGW shell
  • #1882422 by moshe weitzman: Support php options with '.' in their names (e.g. xdebug.remote_enable)
  • Fix archive-dump test by adding sites/README.txt
  • Revert "fix archivedump test by picking a version of drupal and by creating dirs recursively."
  • UNISH_DRUPAL_MAJOR_VERSION spelled wrong in
  • #1867240 by joelcollinsdc: Added option to not modify settings.php file.
  • Bring back pm-clone shell-alias example (without --cache) removed in 2a5f0166259ab757990dbb2c956bbe0bec8f222e
  • #1867348: Drush 5 broken on Drupal 8
  • #1866894 by Chi: Only variables should be passed by reference
  • Fix typo in sql-sync help: 'source-database' was 'target-database'
  • #1782444 by hansfn, dmitry_bezer: Windows Drush: dev project update issue with md5 sum failure
  • #1748228 by greg.1.anderson: Error in the PHP config setting of magic_quotes_gpc prevents diagnosis of the problem through drush core-status
  • #1839378: pm-releasenotes drupal raises 'fatal call to asXML'
  • #1851970 by jhedstrom: Fixed Using the 'revision' shortcut doesn't work if a branch or other download parameters are specified.
  • Follow-up to issue #1802344 to add project date to pm-info
  • Remove leftover .orig file
  • #1839924 by mvc: --no-core ignored for Drupal 6
  • #1802344 by greg.1.anderson, jonhattan: Fixed Drush up notifies of -dev version update but then installs older stable release.
  • #1845224 by Les Lim: Make "structure-tables-list" and "skip-tables-list" options available to `drush sql-dump`


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