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7.x, 8.x
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7.22, 8.0

A new, optional "exclusive" property was added to installation profile .info files in Drupal 7.22 and Drupal 8.0. If there is only one profile with this exclusive property set to TRUE, the profile selection screen will be skipped and that profile will be installed. If there are multiple profiles with this property, the property will be ignored, and the normal profile selection screen will be displayed.

Authors of Drupal distributions are encouraged to set this property in their installation profile .info files, so that users who download the distribution will be able to automatically install the sofware using the desired installation profile.


Drupal 7.22+ (

name = Super amazing Drupal
description = You should only ever install this compilation of 500 modules.
exclusive = TRUE

Drupal 8 (

name: Super amazing Drupal
description: 'You should only ever install this compilation of 500 modules.'
exclusive: TRUE
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This was dropped in Drupal 8. See: