The tweet widget doesn't show up at all when viewing my site in Internet Explorer 9. It works correctly in Firefox and Chrome.

There was a console error for the page that appeared to be related to the Google+1 widget. Removing the Google+1 widget made the error go away, but the tweet button still wasn't there. Looking at the page source, I saw only the anchor element for Twitter, and no iframe, div, img, etc., for the button.

For the time being at least, I switched to the general service link for Twitter and removed the tweet widget. But it'd be nice to have the tweet button work the same way as the Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest buttons.


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Could you report the error?

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I apologize for not seeing your question earlier, and for not reporting what the error was.

The error message related to the Google+1 widget is:

"HTML1115: X-UA-Compatible META tag ('IE=edge, chrome=1') ignored because document mode is already finalized."

The Google+1 widget still displays, despite the error.

The Twitter widget is not displayed in IE9, whether or not the Google+1 widget is enabled.

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how to fix the warning message:

regarding twitter i have to investigate better, can you see correctly the twitter widget from the sample page? (