Hi all.

I'm really glad that you are using Memcache Storage module. And I want to get feedback from you. Does it works for you? Does it solves your problems? Whether it meets your expectations? This is very important for me and module's futher development.

Thanks for your time and consideration!

Faithfully yours,


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Hello Spleshka,

It is running flawlessly with great performances on one of my servers, i will install it on another one and report to you next week.
Session support would be the cherry on the cake.

Thank you for this great module.


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@Spleshka: Thanks so much for your work on this. Memcache has been very poorly supported in recent years and an alternative module is very, very welcome. I'll see if I can help with #1943866: Request to replace module.

Like @infopcorg, I'd love to see session support.

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Hello, guys.

Thanks for your warm reviews. Currently I'm working on adding support of locking and session to Memcache Storage. But I want to implement this features only after they pass some real tests. Now they are living on three my highload projects. I'm going to add them as soon as I consider them ready for the production.

P.S. Thanks @quicksketch for your help with #1943866: Request to replace module. I'm really appreciate this.

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Hello Spleshka, this is a feedback post for this module.

I switched to "Memcache Storage" from "Memcache API and Integration" with no problems (so far...) for my "heavy" website. (http://myblogs.gr).

Memcahed is running on a hetzner dedicated server with 32GB RAM (12GB allocated to memcached), along with 20 websites, but only one website uses the 98% of server resources. The one with your new module. (http://myblogs.gr). Memcached is running only one instance with only one bin.

The interesting here is that i switched from "Memcache API and Integration" directly with no problem.
I have to mention also that some other websites on the same server, are still using the old "Memcache" module sharing the same memcached instance. Some of them are drupal 6 and some of them are drupal 7 sites.

Some statistics
http://myblogs.gr is a News aggregator site, collecting news from more than a thousound of websites (with polling and through pubhubsubbub).
Memcache memory 12GB
Hit rate is about 89%
Memcached gets 150 req/sec (mean) sometimes burst is more than 700req/sec
About 0.6 Eviction/sec (mean)
traffic from memcached is more than 2GB per day

So far everything seems stable. I am not sure if my website is faster with "Memcache Storage". I had page load less than 2 seconds and i have no ... knowledge to perform more specific tests. But what really matters here is reliablility and stability.

Thanks for this module. Keep up good work. !

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Hi all.

Recently was added sessions support. You are welcome =)

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Great! I'm looking through all the code now, it seems you have been busy!

While reading through everything, I'm a bit puzzled by memcache_storage_pc.module. This module doesn't seem to be memcache specific at all. It's essentially a generic caching module that can be used to more effectively clear the page caches. There's no reason that I can tell that it couldn't be used with another caching system, including the default page cache. It seems like it would be better suited to move it to a separate project and remove memcache from the name. Some research is probably in order to find similar modules too. I'd be surprised if there wasn't already a comprehensive solution for selective cache clearing. Personally I usually set the cache lifetime at 1 or 5 minutes and call it good.

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I know that memcache_storage_pc is not a memcached-related module. I just wanted to make a bundle of high-performance modules in one project, but now I regret about this. I support your idea about moving memcache_storage_pc to a different project. We have two options here: rename it and make a full independent project, or try to merge it with Expire module. What do you think about this?

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I'm not sure, the Expire module does look like it's fundamentally trying to accomplish the same problem. If there are parts your module does that Expire module does not, submitting patches to it seems like a good approach. But if you want to keep your current code intact until Expire module works for your purposes, what I usually do is throw the code into a sandbox project. If it turns out to be popular or used by others for a reason then I'll promote it to a full project once the justification is worked out.

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Here is the key difference between Expire and Memcache Storage PC: The first one has rules action for clear page cache. The second one may configure own page urls that should be flushed, while the first one has it hardcoded.

I like idea about moving it to the sandbox. I'll do this in the nearest future. Thanks for your help!

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I'm 100% open to making expire a better module. All I ask is that you create a new major version of it if adding in a lot of new features.

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Great! So I start working on implementation of Memcache Storage PC features into the Expire module. I'll open an issue there when it's ready.

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Issue summary: View changes

Updated issue summary.

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Issue summary: View changes

Hello Spleshka, you asked for feedback so...

I am running D7 on Centos 6.5 , PHP Version 5.5.9 (OPcache v7.0.3), memcached 2.1.0 , Apache 2.2 . This sits behind Varnish v3 .
The site itself is live but is very low traffic(only a few hundred visits a day) , I use it as my test server ;) All that is left for me to do is upgrade to httpd v2.4 and then I will tune up and test, and hopefully copy the stack across to the rest of the servers.

Memcache Storage v7.x-1.4 installed with no issues whatsoever and the documentation was really easy to follow.

thanks for an awesome up to date module!

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Thanks a lot for this module. The standard "Memcache API" module lost from D6 to D7 the possibility to store the user sessions in the database and I was really happy that "memcache_storage" provides that option.

I just have a doubt about "drush ms-flush" ... is "drush cc all" enough to clear the page/block/etc cache, or I really need to execute "drush ms-flush" as well? :?


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@Overflowed, thanks for feedback.

About this "drush ms-flush" - it executes (as far as i remember) ONLY flushing of cache bins in memcached, while "drush cc all" executes other jobs that needs to be performed during cache flush. So there are still difference between these commands.

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Thanks for answering. So: "drush cc all" (or "Clear caches" en admin/performance), includes "drush ms-flush" among others, right?

I just want to make sure that the standard "Clear caches" buttom from Drupal continues working as expected after replacing "memcache" by "memcache_storage" (the "Editor" roles has access to clear the cache via that button in case of cache problems).

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@Overflow, yes, that's right. Please, if you will have other questions just create a separate issue for them.

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Nice module i love it

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Great job! It works nicely. My website is flying! Thank you.