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Memcache Storage module provides integration between Drupal and Memcached daemon using PECL memcache or PECL memcached extension.

Installation & Configuration

For information about installation and configuration please see the documentation.


Roadmap is available at #1974254: Memcache Storage Roadmap. Feedback from the community is important and influences the development.


This module is an alternative to Memcache API and Integration module focused on different set of features. Available features (D7):

  • You can move all cache to the memory.
  • You can move users' sessions to the memory.
  • You can move lock system to the memory.
  • Module can store cached pages for anonymous users as a plain text, so proxy servers (like Nginx with enabled ngx_http_memcached) can get such pages directly from memcached pool and avoid heavy requests to the backend.
  • You can clear data from single cache bin, cache cluster or flush all cached data from Drupal UI (screenshot).
  • You can find helpful nice debug output (screenshot).
  • Integration with Drush
  • Integration with Administration menu. Module provides link for flushing memcached data from navigation toolbar.
  • Active development and support.

Memcached status

To track memcached daemon status you may use Memcache Status module or phpMemcacheAdmin script (preferred).


Please, take a minute and give us a feedback about your experience with the module. Thanks!


  • Module was designed and developed by Maslovskiy Evgeniy.
  • Module development was not sponsored by anyone. It was created for the love of Drupal.

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