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#D8CX: I pledge that Memcache Storage will have a full Drupal 8 release on the day that Drupal 8 is released.

Memcache Storage module provides integration between Drupal and Memcached daemon using PECL memcache or PECL memcached extension.

Installation & Configuration

For information about installation and configuration please see the documentation.


This module is an alternative to Memcache API and Integration module focused on speed. See list of its features:

  • You can move all cache to the memory.
  • You can move users' sessions to the memory.
  • You can move lock system to the memory.
  • Module can store cached pages for anonymous users as a plain text, so proxy servers (like Nginx with enabled ngx_http_memcached) can get such pages directly from memcached pool and avoid heavy requests to the backend.
  • You may clear data from single cache bin, cache cluster or flush all cached data from Drupal UI (screenshot).
  • You may find helpful nice debug output (screenshot).
  • Integration with Drush
  • Integration with Administration menu. Module provides link for flushing memcached data from navigation toolbar.
  • Active development and kind support.

Memcached status

To track memcached daemon status you may use Memcache Status module or phpMemcacheAdmin script (preferred).


Please, take a minute and write some words about using this module. Thanks!


  • Module was designed and developed by Maslovskiy Evgeniy.
  • Module development was not sponsored by anyone. It was created for the love of Drupal.

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