Repeatable: Always
Steps to repeat:
1. Create a node of a Content Type without translations enabled.
2. Enable translations for that Content Type under Administration > Configuration > Regional and language > Content language settings
3. Edit the previously created node.
4. Under the "Translations" tab, the following error appears:
Translations Entity Error
5. Add a new node of that Content Type with translations enabled and the error message does not appear.

Notice: Undefined property: Drupal\node\Plugin\Core\Entity\Node::$translation in translation_entity_overview() (line 99 of core/modules/translation_entity/

translation_entity_undefined1.png41.7 KBcraychee


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Issue tags: +D8MI, +SprintWeekend2013

this is an awesome find!
with precise steps to reproduce.

the screenshot helps, and also cutting and pasting the error text allows screenreaders to follow the issue as well as google. :)

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Component: translation_entity.module » content_translation.module
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Cannot reproduce. Maybe this was already fixed?

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I also have not seen this. Please reopen if reproduced.