A small problem I noticed. For a better OOP design, method/constructor signatures should stay the same, or extend. This would require any extension of MigrationBase, Migration or DynamicMigration to include at least:

public function __construct($group = null)

(Additionally, I think PHP 5.4 will give strict errors for omitting $group.)

But this causes problems in client code, because a MigrateGroup object is expected, but an array is actually being passed in. Later, calling $foo->getGroup()->getName() fails.

Obviously an easy workaround for now is to not pass the $group variable to the parent constructor. Possible to use type-hinting and also fix where the array is being passed in?


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Yes, this is a known issue, but there's nothing we can do about it in Migrate 2.x without breaking existing migration code. Migrate 3.x will certainly make sure to keep the constructor signatures consistent.

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Version: 7.x-2.5 » 7.x-2.x-dev
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Rethinking this - I'm still trying to clean up some ugly chicken-and-egg issues that are a legacy of the now-abandoned auto-registration, and the $group argument in the base classes is in the way - $arguments should be the standard parameter here. I think we can deal with it in an upwardly-compatible way simply by detecting the type of that parameter - if it's an object of type MigrateGroup, handle it the old way (and maybe even issue a deprecated warning suggested that the calling code be updated), otherwise treat it as an argument array.

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As I dig in here, I think I see some possible scenarios that might trigger #1977174: "Default" job created when no migration belongs to default - the work here will, I hope, prevent that.

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Title: Constructor signature mismatch » Straighten out constructor parameters/arguments
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OK, I've committed this. Going forward, migration classes should accept a $arguments array in their constructor and pass it to the parent constructor. The base class will for at least Migrate 2.6 continue to accept a MigrateGroup object, or nothing, as the first constructor parameter but will warn that this is deprecated (the warnings can be disabled in configuration). While I was at it, I similarly deprecated the DynamicMigration class, which no longer serves any useful purpose (all migration classes are now "dynamic" in the sense that DynamicMigration was).

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.