See screenshot attached.

On all of my user-accessible 'add content' forms I'm seeing this "Comment settings (active tab)" box appearing at the bottom. Clicking on the link does nothing. As an administrator I don't see it (I see all the usual tabs). I'm thinking it's the Comments settings tab but rendering strangely for the user, even when it shouldn't be visible at all.

I've disabled comments for the content (which I don't want to to do but figured that was a start) but it's still there. I've looked through permissions and tried different things. I have no idea where to look for this now. Any idea?

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first thing I'd do is test on a core theme to determine whether a theme issue or not.

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Thanks so much. I looked and found this issue:

I then applied the css but all it does is remove the "(active tab)" text from the vertical tab. I need the vertical tab to not be visible at all. Will keep investigating, but if you have any idea of where I should look further to remove it, it is greatly appreciated!

Thanks again.

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what version of corolla?
What version of adapative theme?
Where did you place the CSS?