Copy and Run a Drupal Production Site on a USB Drive with USBWebserver

Last updated on
12 February 2018

UsbWebserver provides a fully functional, portable WAMP stack that may be used to distribute or store a production Drupal site on a USB drive while retaining write-to-database functionality. My particular use case involves a Drupal 7 site with most of the content as Flash communicating between the client and server.

Getting and Setting up The UsbWebserve:

  1. Download the UsbWebserver version here.
  2. You can read the manual of USBwebserver here
  3. Please extract the downloaded file into your USB drive and Click usbwebserver application Icon
  4. You will get a pop with the option of phpmyadmin and localhost.
  5. Please clear the root folder on the USB drive and paste the drupal files and folders from the parent directory of respective drupal version.
  6. Click phpmyadmin and create the database (database port no: 3307).
  7. Click localhost install your Drupal website. (database port no: 3307)

Else you can download the customized drupal 7.19 with USBWebserver.
User Name: admin
Password: admin

Please stop both services before disconnecting the USB drive. Otherwise, it may cause the database to crash.
If you want more execution time please go to settings folder and edit the PHP configuration file(php.ini).