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Last updated: January 23, 2013 - 05:33

Release notes

Security release, see SA-CONTRIB-2013-007

Changes since 7.x-1.0-alpha4:

  • #629774 by mrf, Xenza: Fixed Node access data lost when edited by different user.
  • #1339498 by sw3b: Fixed node access notices when you go to edit own account.
  • #1828190 by SebCorbin: Fixed Wrong access check in user form for privatemsg integration.
  • #1765664 by drewish: Switch static variable in user_relationships_types_load() to drupal_static().
  • #1823650 by mshepherd: Fixed %rel_plural_name token not replaced with value.
  • #1705070 by Simon Georges: Added a 'configure' link in module list.
  • #1705096 by Simon Georges: Removed files[] directive from
  • #1245796 by madmatter23, Simon Georges: Fixed one-way relationship remove by any user implied in the relationship.
  • #1635496 by pferlito: Fixes path for pending request message link.
  • #1607020 by hefox: Fix coding standards.
  • #1518444 by mrf: Clean up module name display on info page to match machine names.
  • by Berdir: Removed old .pot file.
  • #1115956 by Berdir: Revamp relationship type name display to support multiple name variations and i18n integration.
  • #1159638 by mrf, hedley: Update Panels Integration for 7.x-1.x.
  • #756804 by mrf, Berdir: Fixed errors when default friend deleted.
  • #1430920 by Shawn DeArmond: Added possibility to send invite without relationship request.
  • #1430926 by Shawn DeArmond: Added relationship request link when trying to invite a mail address of a user that already is registered.
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