Why the first two lines of the exported excel are empty?

Is it possible to change this?



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Is this issue solved in new version of the module?

I've a customer who is is strongly emphasizing on this theme ;-)


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The first row contains the full title of the Webform node.
The second row contains the title of any combination elements that have multiple columns, including grid components and select lists.
The third row contains the the title of any simple elements like text fields, or in the case of multi-element fields like grid and select lists, the labels for individual options.

So I could see you wanting to remove the first line since it doesn't contain anything else other than the title, but the second line is quite useful if you start exporting complicated elements.

Unfortunately these first lines are not changeable. We added hooks to override the output of individual component's CSV data at #1533408: Allow modules to modify exported submissions, but that won't help with the node title being added to the first line. In the 8 years of Webform's history though, no one has found this to be particular problem. I'm not sure if we need to offer the flexibility to remove it, but if there's a suggestion that is easy enough to implement we would consider it.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Closing after lack of activity.