I installed CKEditor 4 last night, and everything appears to be working correctly, except I can't get the Templates button to appear. It is visible in the toolbar in the appearance editor under CKEditor configuration, but when editing an actual page, it isn't there in the interface. I can add and remove other buttons and they appear and disappear as expected.

Is there something to make it appear that I'm not doing?


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Which version/package of CKEditor library did you downloaded from http://ckeditor.com/download site ? Please check if it has templates plugin inside plugins directory. Please also check if you see any errors in Firebug (Firefox add-on) console during editing of page/node.

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Well, I played around with this a little more and finally things are working.

I had downloaded the FULL package, but the interface wasn't showing up when I went to edit. The problem is discussed further here: http://drupal.org/node/1854454
None of the solutions on that page worked. Resaving the Global CKEditor settings, resaving user accounts, resaving CKEditor's Full HTML profile... nothing worked.

I installed the STANDARD package, and finally the interface was showing up, but then I realized that the Templates plugin doesn't come in the standard package, so I copied just that plugin over, but the Templates button wasn't appearing in my edit page interface (even though it was places in the toolbar on the CKEditor configuration appearance page.

I tried the Dev version of the module to see if that would help, but it didn't.

So tonight, I started over again, and was determined to get the Full package with CKEditor 4, and the latest stable version of the module.

Now I was back to the interface not showing up. :(

Finally, I got the interface to show up by clearing my browsers cache. And guess what, at the same time, the template button is now there and working! YAY! :)

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@jlyon1515 ,
glad to hear that your issue is gone. Clearing drupal's and browser cache is always good idea when you change CKEditor versions.

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