I've modified the drush function that handles the downloading of defined libraries so that they are actually downloaded. It is based on the drush functionality for downloading projects. The patch I've included contains all code to get it working. But aware that it only provides the base for getting the download functionality in the module. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know!

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Great patch! I had to make one small bug fix to get it working.

When I applied the patch, and ran it, I got this error:

$ drush libraries-download erta -v
Initialized Drupal 7.31 root directory at /Users/matt/Sites/vmt.local/docroot    [notice]
Initialized Drupal site default at sites/default    [notice]
Executing: mysql --defaults-extra-file=/private/tmp/drush_Pg4LDA --database=vmt --host= --port=3306 --silent  < /private/tmp/drush_XQU1mx
Using destination directory /Users/matt/Sites/vmt.local/docroot/sites/all/libraries  [notice]
Downloading library erta to /tmp/drush_tmp_1409240715_53ff4e8b9ac0f ...        [notice]
Executing: wget --version
Executing: wget -q --timeout=30 -O /private/tmp/download_fileTPnfOz https://github.com/samsono/Easy-Responsive-Tabs-to-Accordion/archive/master.zip
Downloading erta was successful.          [notice]
Mime type for /tmp/drush_tmp_1409240715_53ff4e8b9ac0f/master.zip is application/zip        [notice]
Executing: unzip /tmp/drush_tmp_1409240715_53ff4e8b9ac0f/master.zip -d /tmp/drush_tmp_1409240715_53ff4e8b9ac0f
Undefined offset: 0 libraries.drush.inc:127        [notice] <--------- **here's the bug**
Drush command terminated abnormally due to an unrecoverable error.        [error]
Error: Maximum function nesting level of '100' reached, aborting! in /usr/local/Cellar/drush/HEAD/libexec/includes/environment.inc, line 571


Basically, the problem was that drush_tarball_extract() returned an array whose first key was 1, not 0 (weird right?). I just threw in a $file_list = array_values($file_list); and it worked!

Thanks again :-)