I am trying to use Node Export. It works, but no matter what I do, it creates a NEW node on the destination server even though I have both the source and destination servers setup to "Create a new revision of the existing node" under "When importing a node that already exists:"

I am using Node Export 6.x-3.4 with UUID version 6.x-1.0-rc2 on Drupal 6.72. I have two sites setup with the exact same install.

If I create a new node on the source site and then export it using Node Export and then import it using Node Export: Import on the destination site, it imports with no issue. Then I go back to the original node on the source site, edit the node and then re-export using Node Export and then re-import on the destination site, it creates a NEW node instead of updating the existing node or creating a revision of the original one. I have tried both the download the file method AND the copy and paste method. Am I missing something? Am I doing this wrong?


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I am also seeing this behavior, but using 7.x-3.0

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I have the same problem - using again 7.x-3.0. And I tested the case that when the first node is creating instead of being updated then if you try to import again the new created node is updated. It did not create again new node.

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Same problem.
How can I fix ?
My V 7

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