Hi, I'm new to drupal. We have a Joomla church website, but openchurch looks so much better so I'm trying to install and test that.

Each time I run through the install, it seems to hang on the Install profile section of the install script where it says "Completed 62 of 139. - Installed Libraries module."

The install is on a dedicated server running Ubuntu Linux 12.04.1, php 5, MYSQ 5.5. I have allowed 512 Mb for php memory and because the script kept timing out, have set the time for php scripts to unlimited.

If I refresh the page where it hangs, A new message appears : "You can now configure the CAPTCHA module for your site. - •Google import complete." and the script seems to continue from" Completed 65 of 139" - however the process then seems to hang again on "configure site" and becomes unresponsive after entering the details asked for on this final part of the script. However a refresh of this page makes the website available but its layout bears no resemblance the demo site in firefox, (the content that should be side columns are full width below other content and the rotating picures do not appear)

I am assuming this is due to an incomplete install, but at a loss to know how to troubleshoot this?



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I've had my server time-out the same way. My solution was to refresh the mysitename/install.php and the install would pick up again from where it left off. It has taken as many as five times to get through the install on one occasion. I hope that helps. Blessed Epiphany!

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The site is likely going to not look right if you have to keep restarting it.

Drush is a great option for installing OpenChurch. Other than that you can try to increase your maximum execution time. That might be the issue. In your settings.php file you try set_time_limit(3600) or something to that effect. Let me know if that works.

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It's got to be the time limit and/or memory.

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