I have the problem when a view has more than one displays. When I show a display as views calc table and the default display has a contextual filter where i set the option to show no results behavior if the contextual filter is not given, the view to calculate the table summary is always the default view. In my case this view returns no result because there is no argument given.
I should be better to execute the correct display to calculate the table. Otherwise, if there is no result as in my case there will be no summary in the table footer.

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I can confirm this issue. I have many displays in the view. When contextual filters differs from master display views calc doesn't work correctly. It shows calculation results from master display

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As temporary solution :
I've deleted all contextual filters in the Master display and overrided them in other displays

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Views calc realy always executes "filter criterias" and "contextual filters" from default display.
So before executing view we must set view in a needed display. It's very important!
Here is the patch for it.

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This solves the probelm for me

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thanks, so

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Works good for me too.

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This is now committed. Thanks!

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