As a user I want the toolbar to appear as I left it the last time i was logged in, regardless of what device I am using.

Proposed resolution

Store the toolbar state in the temp stor per user.

Remaining tasks


User interface changes


API changes

Temp store api (?)

Original report

#1852348-9: Toggle to change orientation of toolbar is not easily discoverable
#1846970: [meta] Responsive Toolbar follow-ups


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Updated to use summary template

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Updated api info. Not sure if this is correct

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Changed syntax

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How is this different from
#1858728: Toolbar toggle button to be Configurable & Intelligent
?? I think maybe this is a duplicate? Also, issues are "active" until they at least have a patch that can be marked "needs work". Read the "Status" description page (see link in the "edit issue settings" box.

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Sorry, never actually started an issue before. :).

Actually I do think this one is different and warrants it's own issue.
#1858728 says: "Should the toolbar be Intelligent to remember the last visited link?", it already does that to an extent. The state of the toolbar persists through a pageload. What it does not do right now is display the active trail for the second tab ie. if you open "content" then use the tab to open "comments" the comments link in the menu does not show the active trail.

But that's not what this issue is about. It's about *remembering* (as distinct from configuring) the state of the toolbar when the user logs in form a different device.

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linked another issue