Libraries: default folder name per library

Last updated on
28 September 2016

According to Libraries description:

Libraries API addresses the problem of different modules including the same third-party library multiple times and accidentally creating version conflicts or double-inclusions errors. When modules use Libraries API (and the module) a library is downloaded once in sites/all/libraries (or site-specific libraries folder) much like a theme and all modules that need it can use the library from a central location.

This page is trying to solve the problem of "double-inclusions errors". Each library should provide a unique folder name so every drupal installation should follow that pattern. Also, this page can be a one stop place for every developer that would like to use a 3rd party library into their module.

You are welcome to add a library folder by adding new rows in the table (following the alphabetical order) or change folder names if you already use it on your project.

Library name Folder name Links
Bootstrap (aka Twitter Bootstrap) bootstrap Project
ChromePHP chromephp Devel API
CKEditor ckeditor Project
ColorPicker colorpicker Project
Foundation (aka Zurb Foundation) foundation Project
Isotope isotope Project
Jmol jmol Project
jStorage jstorage Project
Masonry masonry Project
miniColors minicolors Project
Modernizr modernizr Project
PHPExcel PHPExcel Project
qTip 2 qtip Project
imagesLoaded imagesloaded Project
imgAreaSelect imgareaselect Project
Openlayers 3.x openlayers3 Gihub releases